Paul Mengert AMG

When you look at Paul Mengert’s AMG (Association Management Group) from the outside, it is obvious education is a major focus in the life of Mengert, who still serves as chief executive officer (CEO) after having founded the firm. Paul Mengert’s AMG is a management company that functions as something of a condensed version of a university Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program. The program’s classes are largely taught by many of the Harvard Business School alumni who happen to live in the greater Greensboro area, much like their native son, Paul Mengert. A large number of these instructors are executives with major companies, often serving as managing partners, presidents, and even CEOs.
One primary reason Paul Mengert established AMG in Greensboro in the first place was because of his strong belief that it is of vital importance to give back to the community. For Paul, it is a fundamental aspect of life that you don’t just take what you want, but you also demonstrate gracefulness. Everyone should be grateful when they become successful and they should feel compelled to return something to the people who helped get you there, whether that person does so personally or through business activity. In the case of Paul Mengert, AMG CEO, it was certainly a little of both.

Paul purposely chose to locate AMG in the Greater Greensboro area because he saw that as a way to support the community, which is a major motivation in his life. He has certainly evolved into a highly regarded leader in the homeowners association management industry in the Carolinas and nationwide, but he has also triggered significant interest in the Greensboro area from companies all over the country.