Paul Mengert

Paul Mengert, the esteemed Founder and CEO of AMG (Association Management Group), is not only dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of homeowners associations and their personnel but also to actively contributing to the betterment of the broader community. This commitment is ingrained in Mengert’s ethos and is reflected in AMG’s involvement in various initiatives aimed at uplifting the Greensboro, North Carolina community.

In recent years, AMG has demonstrated its dedication to community service through endeavors such as a notable food drive organized for Greensboro Urban Ministry. Beyond this, AMG boasts a robust charity program aimed at supporting local Greensboro charities. Through this program, Paul Mengert and AMG have contributed over $350,000 to local non-profits, after accounting for expenses. Beneficiaries of their philanthropy include esteemed organizations like Buddy Kemp Caring House, A Child’s Place, Catherine’s House, among others.

For Paul Mengert, being in a position of influence entails a responsibility to extend assistance to those in need. He firmly believes that such acts of kindness not only fortify individuals but also nurture virtuous communities. Through his leadership at AMG and his personal dedication to philanthropy, Mengert exemplifies a commitment to fostering strength and virtue within society.