Paul Mengert, Association Management Group (AMG)

Paul K. Mengert, the distinguished founder and CEO of the Association Management Group, has been democratically elected to the esteemed position of Chair for the Community Associations Institute’s (CAI) NC Legislative Action Committee. This honor was bestowed upon him through the vote of his NC CAI committee colleagues, and he is poised to undertake a dedicated two-year tenure.

CAI is an organization committed to meeting the educational, business, and networking needs of community associations, with a fervent mission to safeguard, uphold, and enhance the standing of community associations throughout the state. As one of the largest CAI chapters in the nation, boasting an impressive membership count of over 850 individuals, the North Carolina chapter of CAI comprises members from condominiums, cooperatives, homeowner associations, encompassing leaders, managers, and industry professionals.

The Legislative Action Committee (LAC) operated by CAI has proven to be an invaluable collaborator with state legislators, engaging in the crucial task of assisting in the formulation of the North Carolina Planned Community Act, a pivotal State Statute known as 47F. This initiative, among others, is geared towards the provision of judicious safeguards for homeowners and the enactment of laws pertinent to community associations.