Paul Mengert

Education stands as a paramount focus for Paul Mengert, the founder and incumbent CEO of AMG (Association Management Group). AMG, a management entity, specializes in enhancing the proficiency of personnel operating within homeowners’ associations, thereby fostering an improved environment and outcomes for homeowners. The structure of AMG parallels that of a condensed MBA (Masters of Business Administration) program, drawing inspiration from the curriculum of Harvard Business School, where Mengert himself once pursued studies.

Within the framework of AMG’s educational program, Paul Mengert, alongside his fellow Harvard Business School alumni, often serves as an instructor. A considerable number of these alumni have settled in the Greensboro, North Carolina area, sharing Mengert’s aspiration to contribute to the local community. A Greensboro native and alumnus of the University of North Carolina, Mengert deliberately chose to establish AMG’s headquarters in his hometown, driven by a desire to invigorate the local economy—a testament to his commitment to community enrichment.