Paul Mengert’s interest in aviation was first sparked in college. However, after studying the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Mengert founded Association Management Group (AMG in 1985). Today, AMG is the Carolinas’ leading professional community association management company. For more about information, please visit

As AMG CEO, Mengert put in a lot of time and miles traveling to AMG offices and client locations around North and South Carolina. Long days and late nights away from his family rekindled Mengert’s aviation interest as a way to save time. Flying lessons led to a private pilot certificate, followed by an instrument rating, multiple engine certificate and, finally, a commercial pilot certification. Mengert quickly realized he could put his new pilot skills to use helping businesses and charitable organizations.

Charitable Flights
One such charitable group is Angel Flight Soars, a non-profit based in Atlanta that recruits pilots to fly medical missions throughout the southern U.S. It flies more than 3,000 missions annually with 1,000 volunteer pilots, who also use their own planes. The charity arranges free air transportation for people needing lifesaving medical treatment in other states, but lacking the means to travel. Mengert has been piloting patients for medical care since 2009.

“Angel Flight Soars is one of the ways AMG gives back to the community,” Mengert says. “Over the years, I have flown many patients to and from medical treatments. It feels good to help patients get the expert medical treatment they might not otherwise be able to.”

Mengert, and his wife May Gayle, also have flown multiple trips to Haiti since the 2010 devastating earthquake to deliver beds, toys, clothes and other goods to an orphanage.For more information on Angel Flight Soars, please visit

Mengert Named Acting Chairman of PTI Airport Authority in 2020
Mengert’s business leadership and passion for flying also landed him on the Piedmont Triad Airport Authority Board of Directors in 2012. After serving as Treasurer, in April 2020, Paul Mengert was named Acting Chairman of the Authority Board, which owns, operates and manages Piedmont International Airport (PTI) in Greensboro. The facility employs more than 5,000 people at nearly 50 companies and agencies at PTI, including Honda, Cessna, FedEx and HAECO.

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